Posted by: amabroad | December 9, 2011

Venezia, Italia

I took a train from Milan to Venice, Italy for a day. Venice is by far the most incredible city that I’ve ever been to. There is no other place in the world like Venice.

Venice looks just like the movies. The entire city was built on top of water. The buildings are old and close together. Bridges are needed because water is everywhere. I had to take a water taxi to get from place to place. It was so bizarre passing by houses that have front doors that open right over water. I can’t imagine living in a city without cars.

I went to the main tourist attractions in Venice since I only had a day. I went to Piazza San Marco to see the Grand Canal and Saint Mark’s Basilica. Piazza San Marco is home to the bravest pigeons I have ever encountered. The pigeons would fly right on top of people and I saw some people let the pigeons sit on their arms. Normally birds fly away from movement. I suppose that the pigeons are used to tourists. Saint Mark’s Basilica was extremely elaborate on the inside. The walls were gold and biblical stories were painted on them. Local residents actually use Saint Mark’s Basilica for prayer and confession. Because so many tourists pass through Saint Mark’s Basilica, confession was offered in five different languages!

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