Posted by: amabroad | December 4, 2011

Milan, Italy

I went to Milan, Italy this weekend. I’ve wanted to go to Italy for a while and I found a cheap flight for thirty euro! Milan is known for fashion, but I spent most of my time out of the shops and in the city. I went to the Church of Milan, or the Duomo. But more importantly, I went and saw “The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci! The Last Supper was painted onto a wall of a tiny church where monks used to live. The Last Supper was painted on the wall next to the kitchen, so the steam and humidity damaged the painting early on. Also, the monks wanted quicker access to the kitchen, so they made a door right through the painting under Jesus! The church was also bombed during World War II. It’s a miracle that the painting has survived all these years.

The Last Supper was under restoration for twenty one years by a team made up mostly of women. They managed to undo the previous restoration attempts, dirt, dust, and damage. Eighty five percent of The Last Supper today is the original work done by da Vinci. To see the painting, I had to book a tour in advance because only twenty five people are allowed in to see it for fifteen minutes at any time.

I’m really pleased that I went to see The Last Supper because it’s one of Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous paintings. The coolest part about the experience was standing in the same room that da Vinci was when he was painting The Last Supper. I was not permitted to take pictures inside the room, but I feel like I have the image permanently engrained in my mind.

Hasta luego,



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