Posted by: amabroad | November 14, 2011

Granada, Spain

I went to Granada last weekend and visited the Real Capilla de Granada Critpa y Museo de los Reyes Catolicas. That’s the cathedral where Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand are buried. They funded Christopher Columbus’ voyage over five hundred years ago. They’re caskets are underneath the church and there is a tiny stairway where I was able to walk down and see the caskets. The caskets are fairly standard, nothing spectacular. They looked to be made of a heavy metal and were laid next to each other. There is an enormous white marble statue on top of where they are buried. In the statue they are lying down next to each other. The statue is remarkable once you learn about it. Queen Isabella’s head weighs more than King Ferdinand’s; it’s obvious because her head sinks deeper into the pillow than his does. That means that she had more intelligence. Also, there is a lion resting at her feet, which means that she had all the power.

Queen Isabella’s crown was also on display. I was a little unsatisfied by her crown. I was expecting this elaborate golden crown covered in jewels and it was nothing like that. Her crown looked like sterling silver and was crudely made. I wish I could have taken pictures but photography was not allowed!

Hasta luego,



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