Posted by: amabroad | November 10, 2011

Walking Through History

Francisco Franco was the ruler of Spain from 1939 to 1975. After his death, his icons were ordered to be removed by the government. But because his name and symbol have been inscribed on many of the buildings, they are hard to remove and can still be seen today. Yesterday in class I learned that a building that I walk past almost every day was the headquarters of his government for a few months. I took a closer look at the building today, and sure enough on the side there is the inscription “Caudillo Franco” (Leader Franco). There are marks and paint where people have thrown things at it, but it still can be seen. Franco’s eagle was also built into the wall on the top of the building where I go to school. During his reign, Franco’s eagle was put onto the Spanish flag with the message “Una Grande Libre” (One Big Free). His eagle is right on top of my school. I never noticed the eagle until today. The eagle would be expensive and structurally complicated to remove. It’s really amazing learning about Franco’s period and seeing direct relics from it. It feels like I’m walking through history.

Hasta luego,




  1. Andrea..yes..I remeber Franco and the turbulent times…Is everything good?..I did not hear from you today and I know you are going to ya..Dad

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