Posted by: amabroad | November 1, 2011

Morocco, Part 1

Last week, I traveled to Morocco with my study abroad group. We went to Fez, Meknes, and the Sahara Desert. The Sahara Desert at night was the most striking landscape I have ever seen. There were hundreds and hundreds of stars, and they were all bright and shining. They felt really close, sort of like being in a snow globe. I saw about six shooting stars and Jupiter! I got up early one morning to watch the sunrise. It was incredible because everything around me was still. There wasn’t any wind and nothing was moving but the sun. During the day, the Sahara Desert reminded me of a Salvador Dali paining because the sand looked like an enormous puddle of color. The shy was clear blue and the sand was a light shade of burnt orange that appeared in waves. Sitting in the sand staring across the desert was peaceful. The sand in the Sahara feels different than the sand back home in Florida. It was a lot finer and smoother. It felt like walking on velvet.

I completely underestimated how cold the desert would be at night and overestimated how hot it would be during the day. At night the desert was frigid. We were sleeping in tents. I had to wear four long sleeve shirts, two pants, and three pairs of socks to stay warm. I thought that the heat would be smoldering during the day. I imagined that I would be sweating, like in movies. But I was perfectly fine in jeans and a t-shirt.

I got to ride a camel on one of the days I spent in the desert! It was super cool to be riding a camel in the Sahara Desert, but it turned out to be fairly uncomfortable. The camels that we rode were called Dromedaries, or Arabian camels. They are different from typical camels because they have one hump instead of two.

 Hasta luego,



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