Posted by: amabroad | October 24, 2011

Un Plato de Espana

Tortilla is a very popular dish here in Spain. And by very popular, I mean it is served everywhere. Every restaurant I’ve been has it on the menu. My host mom makes it at least once a week. Even the hostel I stayed at in San Sebastian made it!

‘Tortilla’ is not anything like the ‘tortilla’ chips sold in the United States. Tortilla means ‘little cake’ in Spanish. Here, tortilla is a potato based omelette. It’s made of onions, potatoes, and eggs. My host mom makes it in a round dish. It looks like a yellow casserole. But when it’s cut into, it is nice, warm, and flaky.  People eat it plain or in a bocadilla. A bocadilla is a little sandwich. When tortilla is served between bread it becomes a bocadilla or tortilla sandwich. Initially, I wasn’t too into the idea of eating a potato between two pieces of bread. But after I tried it I fell in love. It tastes so good! A tortilla sandwich is my favorite thing to eat when I’m on the go.

Hasta luego,



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