Posted by: amabroad | October 21, 2011

A Trip Up the Border

During one of the days that I visited San Sebastian, I took a bus to Bayonne, France. Bayonne is about an hour north of the Spanish- French border. Bayonne is a small town with historic architecture. My first impression of France is that it looked like the town in “Beauty and the Beast”! The hotel I stayed at was built in the seventeenth century! I visited the Basque Museum in Bayonne and learned about the culture.

San Sebastian, Spain and Bayonne, France are located in Basque country. Basque country is a region that is unique to northern Spain and southern France. It has its own language, culture, and flag. The flag looks like the flag of the United Kingdom, expect it is red, green, and white. Most notably, Basque country is the food capital of the world. Every dish that I ate was amazing! Traveling around Basque country was an interesting experience.

Hasta luego,




  1. Glad you’re having a great time! I’m very happy you’re enjoying new foods and places! The pics are gorgeous – can only imagine what they look like being right there!
    Isn’t great?!?!

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