Posted by: amabroad | October 18, 2011

San Sebastian, Spain :)

I traveled to San Sebastian last week for five days. Hands down, it is my favorite city that I’ve been to in Spain. It is beautiful. It’s a small city with beautiful architecture that has two beaches and is surrounded by small mountains. One beach is perfect for surfing and the other beach is for swimming and sunbathing. Also, the food is delicious in San Sebastian! I ate a ton of tapas. Tapas are small dishes of food, usually a fish, meat, or cheese on top of bread. San Sebastian is a beach town, so there is a lot of fish. I ate octopus and seafood balls almost every day.

 In those few days, I feel as though I conquered San Sebastian because I did so much. I walked to both ends of the city and saw everything in between. On one end of the city are the “Wind Combs”. The Wind Combs are three circular statues that overlook the ocean and are iconic for San Sebastian. On another day I hiked all the way up to the statue of Saint Sebastian located on the other end of the city. Saint Sebastian was constructed on a very high hill that overlooks the entire city. At the top I could see for miles. I also tried to surf on Thursday! Surfing is hard. The waves were huge and the first wave that I tried to catch flipped me over. After some work, I caught a wave riding on the surfboard on my stomach- it was the best feeling in the world. I felt as though I was flying on water. I don’t know when, but I definitely will be returning to San Sebastian.

Hasta luego,



  1. I’m very happy you’re enjoying yourself and experiencing so many places. These are the good times! Good thing Cocoa Beach is close by for surfing. I’m also happy that you’re experiencing the local foods. Que lo disfrutes, mi reina! Te quiere, Mami

  2. Andre

  3. Andrea..Holy Cow..did you say surfing?? Gotta love it..water looks mucho frio..way to go girl..pix look look so happy..we wishe we were there with you//Love..Dad and Andrea

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