Posted by: amabroad | October 16, 2011

Spanish Afternoons

Compared to the United States, the lifestyle here in Spain is very relaxed and slow paced. I’m just now appreciating the concept of a siesta. A siesta is an afternoon nap, usually taken directly after lunch. Since I have early morning classes, the middle of the day is around the time I start getting tired, so a siesta is perfect. A quick power nap before class at six recharges my batteries.

Siesta is taken very seriously here in Salamanca. Between the hours of one and four, the city shuts down. Classes end at one and start back up again at four. Stores close and the streets are empty. At first it was rather bizarre to see, because normally, streets are crowded. But now, I look forward to siesta!

Hasta luego,




  1. Viva la siesta! Thank goodness you can get a mid afternoon break. so you can study late into the evening and have some fun time. You’re doing so well!

  2. Andrea..I am all in with the Spaniards…I can do a Siesta every day!!!..what a great idea…so happy for you..luv Dad and Andrea

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