Posted by: amabroad | October 10, 2011


My study abroad group went to Portugal this weekend! It was a six hour bus ride that was completely worth the trip. Portuguese isn’t as similar to Spanish as I expected, so communication to locals was a little difficult. The only Portuguese I learned is “abrigada”, which means ‘thank you’. Surprisingly, a lot of the locals I interacted with spoke English. English is very popular in Portugal.

We spent a day and a half in Lisbon, Portugal. Lisbon, or Lisboa, is the capital of Portugal. It’s located near the Atlantic coast. Portugal’s population is ten million inhabitants. One in four people live in Lisbon, so it’s rather dense. I made sure to try the native dish, bacalao. Bacalao is a type of cod that is popular in Lisbon. It tastes sort of like cod, but saltier.

In Lisbon, we went to a cathedral that was located at the top of the city. The view was amazing, I could see for miles. We also went to another cathedral and the Belem Tower, which was built on top of water. We had to walk on a bridge to get to it. On the way back to Spain, we visited a medieval castle and monastery in Obidos, Portugal. Visiting the castle was really fun because we were able to climb all over the walls.

Hasta luego,




  1. andrea,
    we are so proud of you, keep up the good work and your writings,
    are wonderful.
    love granpa and sally

  2. All I can say is wish I was there! I’m very happy you tried the local food. Bacalao has a special taste to it and you have to know how to cook it or it’s really, really salty. You’re doing phenomenal!

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