Posted by: amabroad | October 6, 2011

Fall Schedule

I took the Spanish language placement test and tested into the intermediate level! I’m extremely pleased with that, considering I haven’t taken a Spanish language class since high school. I’m taking two Spanish language classes; Grammar and Conversation and Composition. Those two classes are taught completely in Spanish. I’m also taking Economics/ Politics of Current Spain, Economics/ Politics of the European Union, and International Marketing (which are taught in English). My classmates are other students studying abroad. I really like living in a small city because it’s a fifteen minute walk to class.

All of my classes seem interesting so far! The two classes in Spanish can be a little overwhelming at times because it’s hard to understand everything that’s being said. Hopefully by the end of the semester, listening and understand Spanish will be second nature!

I’m going to Portugal this weekend! Hasta luego,




  1. Andrea..yes..I am sure very challenging.but..I do beleive that will come second nature since you are surrounded by Spanish language 24/7…also,I am sure body language helps as well…We know you can do it..and very proud of you!!!

  2. andrea,
    good work, via con dios.
    granpa and sally

  3. Spanish in 100% Spanish – who knew? Best way to learn! Great! You’re doing excellent! I’m happy for you. Love you, tu Mami

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