Posted by: amabroad | October 4, 2011

El Escorial

I went with my study abroad group to El Escorial! Construction of it began in 1563 by Juan Bautista de Toledo and ended in 1584. El Escorial is a huge building built in the foothills of Mount Abantos. The library itself is larger than my house. To get an idea of the size, it has a basilica, sixteen patios, eighty-eight fountains, nine towers, eighty-six stairways, and two thousand six hundred and seventy-three windows. The coolest part of the tour was visitng the mausoleum. The mauoleum was this large, circular room that houses the bodies of past rulers and royalty of Spain.



  1. Andrea..Did you say the year 1563??..Amazing..not like the states..history..culture..ancient civilazions..what a great trip..I want to go to Spain one all the pic’s with the historical facts and your comments..your trip inspires all..way to go girl!!..Cease the moment..keep the pic’s and posts coming..woo-hoo!

  2. dear andrea,
    the pictures were awsome, it really looks like a beautiful place,
    continue your good work.
    i love hearing from you.
    granpa and sally

  3. Andreita, que la pases muy bien! Thank goodness the Spanish classes are in Spanish 100%. Can’t wait to hear your Spanish accent when you come back. Te quiere mucho, tu Mami

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