Posted by: amabroad | September 30, 2011


Here in Salamanca I am living with a host family. My hostparents are Matilde and Sebastian. Sebastian is retired and Matilde is a homemaker. I have a roommate, Emma. She’s from Colorado and is in a different study abroad program. I’m living in an apartment near downtown Salamanca. Everything is smaller than it is back at home. Matilde keeps the house super clean and cooks pretty good food. Initially I was worried that I wouldn’t get to eat fruits, vegetables, and fish because I’m in a landlocked city, but I’ve eaten it at almost every meal.

Although living here is cozy, there are certian Spanish customs that I’m not yet used to. Electricity and clean water is very expensive here in Spain, so showers are short and lights are kept off as much as possible. Spaniards eat a light breakfast, a late, heavy lunch around two, and a late dinner at nine. Eating a big lunch is not something that I’m used to yet.

Hasta luego,




  1. hi, The things we take for granted are precious in other countries.

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