Posted by: amabroad | September 27, 2011


Toledo is a very small city in Spain. It’s streets are narrow, shops are small, and the buildings are stone. It was built to be a Roman fortress centuries ago because it is surrounded by the Tajo river on three sides. Its architecture is a mix of gothic and Arabic influence. In Toledo, I visted a mosque that was built in 999 and The Monastery of St. John that was built in 1476. I also went to the Santo Tome church and saw an El Greco painting, “The Burial of Count Orgaz.”




  1. Holy Toledo!!!!..what an experience..history is great and amazing..wish I was there..all these famous artists..very impressive!

  2. Andrea, job well done! Very nice! Enjoy!

  3. Very cool Andrea! Have fun in Spain. Hows learning Spanish going?

  4. Hola Andrea! Que buena tienes este oportunidad! Deseo tienes mucho divertido en espana! Tomas muchas fotoas! Te amamos!

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