Posted by: amabroad | September 24, 2011

1 day in Madrid…

… is not enough. But I did my best to see as much as I can. I went two two museums and the Royal Palace. El Museo del Prado is a gigantic art museum in Madrid. It was a few blocks down the street from the hotel. I spent the morning wandering around the galleries. My guide focused on the paintings down by El Greco. After the museum, my group went to see the Royal Palace. It has over 2,500 rooms! I only saw about 20 of them. The rooms were elaborately decorated. I also went to the Reina Sofia Museum. It was exciting

The Royal Palace

because they were featuring Pablo Picasso. I saw “La Guernica” up close! Toledo tomorrow!

Hasta luego,




  1. andrea,
    glad to hear you are traveling spain, and that everything is exciting
    i expect that by the time you leave spain you will be fluent in spanish,
    please be careful and enjoy yourself keep the blogs coming.
    granpa and sally

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