Posted by: amabroad | September 5, 2011

Salamanca is a Renaissance city.

The University of Salamanca was established in 1218 by Alfonso IX of Leon. It is the oldest university in Spain and the third oldest in Western Europe. Its remarkable sandstone buildings earn its nickname, La Ciudad Dorada (The Golden City). Residents of Salamanca are known to speak Castillian, the purest form of Spanish.

Salamanca is a college town; over thirty thousand students are enrolled in the University. My academic program in Salamanca is Business and Liberal Arts. My classes will be taught in English and my classmates will be other international students. I find out my schedule once I arrive in Salamanca and take a placement test.

I leave in a little over two weeks. I’m running around completing last minute errands. I’m checking and double checking my packing list. I can pack, organize, and plan my trip, but there is no way to fully prepare for the change in city and language. I’m nervous because I know having to speak Spanish will be frustrating at times. I’m sure I’ll get lost at some point. But that’s all part of the study abroad experience. I’m excited for my adventure!

Hasta luego,



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