Posted by: Richard Walker | May 26, 2011

Semester Finished!

The Festival is a magical and psychotic event. A film festival typically resounds with the sound of artistic creativity but not this one. This is somewhere where people come to sell whatever they have. There are really interesting pieces like getting to meet Jodie Foster or to see Ryan Gosling presenting his new awesome film “Drive” but there are insanely sad parts too, like walking through the market and getting to see every single piece of crap remake of Harry Potter, Jaws, Star Wars, and even a copy of “Shaun of the Dead” marketed as (not kidding) “Juan of the Dead”. The main point of these people is to go ahead and sell whatever has already made money but if it was done cheaply and with no creative integrity. Think about all of those movies you see at Blockbuster or on Netflix like “Transmorphers” that are obvious ripoffs. You get to see salesmen pitch the biggest pieces of crap you could imagine for the most amount of money they could possibly squeeze out of it. I watched someone pitch a movie called “RoboTropolis” as (literal quote) “The greatest comedy… ever made” to which the prospective buyer replied “really?”. It is enough to make a creative person sick to their stomach. The crowning achievement of my experience there was getting to watch “A Clockwork Orange” with Malcolm McDowell and Stanley Kubrick’s widow which was absolutely amazing. I can’t ever express in words, pictures, or any other form of media I could convey via an internet blog how much I will dearly miss the people I was lucky enough to spend my time with here. I never imagined I would come here and make lifelong friends but as I prepare to leave this country I am struck with the reality that these people I will miss infinitely until I am able to spend time with them next. They have all been so gratious and wonderful and psychotic in just the ways that make me smile. Greg, Nick, Katelyn, Ashley, and Robin I will miss you for the rest of my life. I can’t tell you, ever, how much you mean to me or have changed me for the better. This experience would have been nearly worthless without you and I appreciate you an intense amount. The great thing about this is that I got to experience the lifestyle of a foreign people with the greatest people I could possibly expect. I have nothing to say but that the people I was able to spend my time with here were the some of the best people I will meet in the entirety of my life.


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