Posted by: Richard Walker | May 9, 2011

Paris to Cannes Roadtrip? 10,5 hours? Pas de Problème!

Upon our final return to Paris we got screwed over by the French railway system, they told us they had given away our reservations because we hadn’t printed off the tickets in the last 24 hours, which we couldn’t do because it could only be done in Paris and we were in Frankfurt for the last 24 hours. Regardless our passes were on their last day and that day was the beginning of Parisian spring break so EVERYTHING was fully booked. Our only option was a stupid one… treck halfway across paris to the Louvre before 5pm, rent a Hertz car from the Carousel, learn to drive stick-shift (they don’t have Automatics in France) and drive the 10,5 hours from Paris to Cannes across the entirety of the country (the size of Texas). Greg, luckily, took a shining to learning stick, it took me a might-sight longer but before nightfall we were successfully on our way. The drive was GRUESOME, what you don’t know about French highways is that there aren’t lights on them, literally, no lights on the streets. You just ride with your brights on the whole time and getting passed by a stick-driving Frenchmen is a very scary thing, especially at 5am with no lights and fog rolling in across the Deer-Crossing while your driver (Greg’s) glasses were broken. None of what I just said was sarcastic or exaggerated, that really happend.


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