Posted by: Richard Walker | May 9, 2011

Copenhagen, City of Glass

Copenhagen was awesome but there is a consistent feeling of fear through the whole gorgeous city. The incredibly design and architecture is moving but when people warn you to watch out for “Stab Gangs’ which are literally gangs who’s sole desire isn’t to rob you but simply to stab you, and every other street corner has police searching your pockets and bags for knives you feel a little bit on edge. The theme park next to our hostel was closed during the time we spent there which sucked but there was a local restaurant that served traditional Danish cuisine, and was… without a doubt the most mish-mashed restaurant. It was like someone took all the other restaurants ever and smashed them into little individual bits and tossed them in a bag and what was pulled out was the restaurant we visited. Called Rio Bravo (Spanish for Brave River), it’s main decor was that of a country western steak house, complete with chairs shaped like saddles you could sit at the bar on. The cuisine however was entirely Danish, we finally landed on Stegt Fleisch, a Danish delicacy, that is in essence, giant pieces of friend pork (read: Bacon) and steamed potatoes with a white sauce, all of which is all you can eat. It was delicious and disgusting. The entire town is filled primarily with broken glass as many of the residents will simply smash their finished beer bottles and  the immense tax they pay goes heavily to funding the midnight cleaning crews that sweep the entire street. The Hans C. Anderson museum was amazing and strange, a wild and depressing imagination from a really odd human being. Watching his imagination portrayed through strange etherial characters makes the Disney version seem so… G-rated. On the last day we rode the bus in the wrong direction and while lost we just kept riding until we found something interesting, we found the Copenhagen Zoo and walked the full lengths in the rain. It was beautiful and splendid, and we met a delightful giraffe.


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