Posted by: Richard Walker | May 9, 2011

Amsterdam, Schmamsterdam!

To clear things up, Amsterdam is BORING. Sure, they have legalized just about everything but all that has done to it is made it a town solely based on tourism, It’s crappy in the same way that Pisa is crappy. It has a draw and everyone in the world has decided to either enterprise on that one touristy thing or come visit it for it’s touristy goodness. I for one can’t stand that, the overabundance of human bodies in a tiny town makes me unsettled and the last thing you want in a town where pot is legal is something to be paranoid about. It’s beautiful and the canals are stunning, but you will be overrun the whole time. Especially if you go somewhere cool like the Van Gogh Museum, but the art there is cool but ultimately you still feel squished. If you want the same type of experience in a more relaxed atmosphere try out Prague instead, you’ll digg it better, guaranteed.


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