Posted by: Richard Walker | May 8, 2011

Guess What’s Legal In Prague

Prague is one of the most odd, strange, outlandish, culture-shocky, gorgeous, and interesting places I have ever experienced in my life. It has that very strange college-town vibe where one block is stunning, and garish, and picturesque while the next one is riddled with trash, hobos, and other undesirables. I think this was my favorite place in all of Europe though, their money is insanely awkward for Americans and everything is surprisingly cheap but it takes a bit to realize it. For example, 17 Czech Krona is equal to about 1 dollar, so when you go to Burger King and see an entire meal for 60K your first thought is “HOLY CRAP THAT’S EXPENSIVE” until you realize that’s about $3.6 and then you’re thinking “Damn, that’s cheap”. The main issue with this type of money is that when you hit an ATM you can easily be left walking around with 1,000 and 2,000K notes, which is wildly confusing to someone from a country that doesn’t have any monetary denomination above $100. The Prague people have a very strange sense about them, they take a “perverse pride” in how difficult their language is to learn and to speak fluently. It’s the only country I have been in where virtually noone spoke English, also they have an oddly self deprecating sense of humor. Right near the Franz Kafka Museum (which we visited in the pictures) is a large memorial statue called “Two Boys Pissing” of, literally, two boys pissing into a large fountain shaped like the Czech Republic and if you send a Text Message to a certain number they will spell out your messages in their “pee”. It’s a very strange place. They also maintain one of the largest Museums for Communism in the world which is absolutely awesome, especially if you’re a fan of hammer/sickle style design and Marxist/Lenin busts. Their two national dishes are Fried Cheese which is amazing, it’s three of the fanciest Czech cheeses (none of which I can pronounce or write) all breaded and deep fried, and Garlic Soup which is essentially French Onion soup but with a much more garlicky taste, absolutely delicious and will make you un-kissable for days afterwards. The Charles Bridge leads to the Kafka Museum and it amazingly picturesque, it’s what the panorama above is of, right next to Prague’s parliament, and just down the street past the Museum are the “Dancing Buildings” designed by Vlado Milunić. It’s a cool looking building but they won’t let you inside to play around at all so ultimately it was just a photo-op more than anything. We met some crazy people who ran out hostel and were cool spray-paint street artists, some of their stuff was really cool. They also designed a line of hats, which were were and mainly featured gangster pandas. You can take that however you like it, but regardless, Prague was amazing and fun and I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to come back and spend more time there. 

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