Posted by: Richard Walker | April 24, 2011

Wiener Schnitzel is not a Hot Dog!

After heading out of Paris I read an entire book between the 3 hour train ride from there to Frankfurt, a 1 hour layover, and a 10 hour train ride from Frankfurt to Vienna, Austria. I got in at night and was greeted by my friends at the train station. They informed me they had made reservations at the best restaurant in town. We went to the hostel and met our roommates; a hilarious Australian names Andrew and a nice girl from Seattle named Rachel and a 60something Iranian man we are pretty sure just lived at the hostel. The best restaurant in town was in fact, TGIFridays. As ridiculous as it sounds it was the best burger I have had anywhere in Europe so far. We hopped up the next day and went to Belvedere, One of the homes Napoleon occupied as well as Franz Ferdinand at one point in time. It was absolutely gorgeous, one of the most immaculate gardens we have come across so far. We were starving afterwards so we decided to go with the local delicacy and eat Wiener Schnitzel which my uncultured American pallet had led me to believe meant hot-dog. It is, in fact, a piece of meat pounded until extremely soft then breaded and flash fried. Served only with lemon to top it, it’s kind of like a fish stick with meat. It’s very interesting but far from my favorite local delicacy. We wandered the town and saw the music museum and some beautiful building. We were all sad to leave but couldn’t wait to get on with our adventure, and next up was… Prague!



  1. The girl on her tip toes next to you in front of the palace looks a lot like Kat.
    What the heck does Ketchup have to do with any of the other things listed or the naked woman???

  2. That’s my Korean friend Ashley, she is the one with the white glasses on above. The Ketchup ad I just put up because I thought it was interesting how sexualized advertising is in other countries.

  3. […] Wiener Schnitzel is not a Hot Dog! ( […]

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