Posted by: Richard Walker | April 16, 2011

Paris Part 1

Paris is one of the most astoundingly beautiful and disgustingly brutal cities I have ever become so intimately acquainted with. It’s got all the dirt, grime, and urine drenched metros of New York mixed with the upscale avenues of Monaco, the history of a Roman ruin, and the diverse population of any major metropolitan American city. It’s stunning to wander the catacombs and see the final resting place of literally thousands of peoples bones with the most minimal security to the point that you can literally just run your hand along the marrow of many men and women as you meander through the mass tomb. Then come outside, eat at a wonderful little Parisian cafe, hit the metro and be in Versailles. It’s strange that everything is in such a minute vicinity but it’s wonderful. Tons of gorgeous churches, many interesting people, and honestly not a single cup of decent coffee in the whole place. Some of the most fun I had was getting lost deliberately on the streets and meandering around for hours in an aimless smile. Upon my second visit I had Nina, Julia, and Gretti to help me find the best spots and hit all the touristy sections. We caught the Moulin Rouge, one of the best Organ concerts I could ever hope to have, an absolutely delicious cup of tea at the Grand Mosque, and more fun than I could shake a stick at. I got lost in a riot/celebration on the Champs and wound up missing the metro so I had to walk from there to Port D’Orleans which is literally the last stop on the metro, it took 4.5 hours. A very educational experience about Paris to be honest and some of the best fun ever. Seeing the Pompadu was so damn cool it hurts, modern art is definitely mon copain as it will always have a special place in my heart. Some of the coolest pieces I have ever seen were there and I couldn’t help but buy a book and some pins to commemorate the great experience. I hope to go back just once more and hit some frapperies (thrift stores) before I leave France in June. Next up on my adventure of posts is Vienna, Austira/Frankfurt Pt. 1 mixed into one mix. I hope you enjoy!

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