Posted by: Richard Walker | April 4, 2011


So sorry for the lengthy time between posts everyone, I am on Spring break right now and it has been a truly wild event. I went, first, to visit some good friends of mine studying in Paris. After two days of hitting all the sights, seeing all the cute little shops and everything else I could possibly want to do there I hopped on the ICE train from Paris to Vienna (via Frankfurt), a 12 hour train ride. I finished two books on the ride, one was a delightful little sci-fi novella I picked up at Shakespeare and Co. in Paris which is the coolest bookstore you could imagine. From Vienna which was beautiful, albeit a bit dull, we headed to Prague which has 3 amazing attributes to it. The section we were in was full of young people so the scene was very cool. Everything in the whole city is INSANELY cheap, like cheaper than most American cities. And, possibly, most importantly, the whole country is full of the most obscenely beautiful women that could possibly walk the globe, it is stunning. From Prague we went to Copenhagen which is kind of like a night-club country, it’s always up late, everyone rides bikes, and their food is the fattiest thing ever. We ate traditional Danish “Stegt Fleisch”which is an all-you-can-eat bucket of potatoes and fried pork. To clarify it’s Bacon for dinner with potatoes. We left there last night and rode the night train from there to Amsterdam, where I am writing this right now. Sadly I can’t post pics up on here as of yet but I promise a visual smorgasboard when I get back to the campus aroung the 9th.



  1. Good to hear from you!!! Can’t wait to see the pictures. I may have to scrapbook for ya when you get home!!!

  2. I would love that, thanks Kristy, send me an email sometime. I got Katie a few little presents around also and something for you and my bro. See you guys soon!

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