Posted by: Richard Walker | March 1, 2011

Torrential Florence

Florence is insanely gorgeous, it’s the kind of city you think of when you imagine stereotypical Europe. Everyone walks down cobblestone streets past gorgeous architecture every morning. The fashion is astounding and trendy, like what you imagine people in American magazines a few months from now will look like. The food is horrible, in the sense that it will ruin all other food for you. The pizzas we ate were the best I have ever had in my life and the Gnocci with 4 cheese sauce blew my mind all over the square of the Duomo. The churches were beautiful but ultimately rather boring, and the museums were full of some of the most amazing art, especially Rembrants, however looking at renaissance-era versions of an Italian Christ being crucified gets pretty dull in a short period of time. The weather was horribly cold and my roommate Nick and I shared a tiny room with two twin beds pushed together in an Italian Best Western. Breakfast was delicious and completely outshone everything the college has given us so far, however, know this. As an American abroad Bacon NEVER means bacon. If they say Bacon it either means some other kind of ham or things that look like bacon but taste like ham. It’s shocking how little their bacon tastes like bacon, this seems like a very menial thing to hark on but it’s something I have noted. Also, Pisa is a very funky city. It has two things in the whole town, a poorly build building which is astoundingly small in comparison to your mental image of it, and a bunch of gypsies who are either trying to confuse/rob you or sell you a knockoff Rolex watch or Versaci bag. Upon our return we went to Morrison’s to grab a drink and see some of our friends who play live music there. We wound up trying to stay up at the only local 24hour restaurant called Funny Food which is run by (we think) a single Armenian fellow who makes great schwarmas and mediocre burgers. It’s the best food in the world at 4am though, anyway, time to study for an oral exam on thursday, talk to you all soon!


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