Posted by: Richard Walker | February 13, 2011


Being right across the street from the beach certainly has some awesome advantages! We didn’t have anything to do so we decided to explore the beach and the surrounding areas. We found these cool rock islands off the beach and played on then and went walking around to this basketball court right down the street from our school with some awesome graffiti all over the place.

Audrek, Katelyn, Adrian, Myself, and Nick hanging out on the rocks.

Couldn’t get this picture to flip the right direction for the life of me, just crane your neck and you’ll pretty much get the gist of it.

The beach was gorgeous today! It’s weird because in Florida if the beach looked like this it’s about 92f outside, here it was about 58f (14.4c).

Katelyn spent much of her time trying to get pictures of birds, Greg spent much of his time trying to antagonize birds.

While Nick thought his time would be better training to be Mr. Miyagi in the next remake of Karate Kid.

I just tried not to freeze to death, us Florida folk aren’t built for cold weather.

Just the cool rocks we were standing on.

You and me both my French brother.

Here is the graffiti we found by the basketball court while trying to find a quick route back to the school, instead we found the abandoned sewage system that lead to French people hollering at us.



  1. The water is BEAUTIFUL!

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