Posted by: francescacoviello | September 30, 2010

Moving on to October…

Where has this month gone!? I can’t believe that this past weekend was the last weekend of September. I stayed in town for the weekend with my roommate’s Jessy and Jenny, while two other’s ventured to Rome, and another traveled further south to Sicily. The half of us who remained in Firenze wanted to have a productive weekend, but the weather was not in our favor. On Friday, we walked over to piazza Santa Croce for the Fiera della Birra Artigianale. Considering that we are preparing ourselves for Oktoberfest, we were disappointed with the Italians idea of a beer fair. Perhaps the wine event (which we will be in Munich for) will be more impressive.

Michelle Jensen, my roommate  from UT since freshman year, is studying in Barcelona for the semester. She is coming to meet me in Florence for a night because we are spending the weekend up in Germany. I felt bad that the loveseat/sofa in my living room is not equipt for sleeping, so I figured that a trip to IKEA was in order. Hoping that I could find an inexpensive mattress of some sort for Michelle, I did some research and saw that the one in the city was only a 20 minute walk from my apartment.

While one roommate, Jenny, was trying to convince me that IKEA was next to to the airport, Jessy, was willing to join me on the hike. We left with vague directions and looked for the big yellow and blue building. After searching high and low, crossing 4 lanes of traffic & holding hands running through underpasses, we finally asked a stranger for help. The answer (of course) was that we needed to take a bus because IKEA is no where near the city center and in fact, is right by the airport. Speechless, we stared at each other trying to catch our breath. At that point it didn’t make sense to experiment with public transportation, and we got over the whole IKEA plan.

Defeated, we aborted the mission and power-walked back towards the river, in search for a particular shoe retailer. It took an hour to track down the location. Since it rains quite frequently here, Jessy and I were interested in buying a pair of rain-boots. We figured that if we were going to spend the money on galoshes, we may as well go big and purchase the Hunter brand. With our feet sore and legs tired, we finally made it to the address – to find what looked like an apartment building. (Italy doesn’t believe in numerical order, the numbers are always random, red means residential and blue/black means business). It was 5:00 on a Saturday, questionable if the store would have still been open, yet we couldn’t see past the large electronic gate and distant windows. The mailbox read ASAP LTD SPA. Was this actually a spa? A spa that sells footwear? Jessy’s paper has ASAP LTD SPA written below Via di Ricorboli, 10, which is exactly where we were standing. But what did all those letters mean?

Confused and discouraged, we dialed Jenny (who was at home alone) to meet us for a long dinner. She was pleased to hear that she was right all along, and that the IKEA was not walking distance from Via Dell’Alloro. It was an adventure to say the least, stretching our legs from one side of Florence to the other, even though we got nothing accomplished. We shared laughs over dinner in San Spirito, which was a nice change of scenery. With our bellies full (because we insisted on having dessert after burning all those calories), I did some research about our marathon. It turns out that the shoe retailer was actually in the right spot, we had just missed the opening hours. Perhaps it was a sign that we weren’t meant to buy boots that day. Thank god it hasn’t rained since. Apparently, the weather forecast calls for rain in Venice, where we will be spending friday before we continue up to Munich. Hopefully I’ll be prepared by then, but I doubt I will care if it pours on Saturday, because WE WILL BE AT THE 200th ANNIVERSARY OF OKTOBERFEST!


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