Posted by: Jean-Paul Behrens | December 3, 2009

Sneaky Dubai…

Service providers in Dubai are very sneaky. You know that oath people make in court “swear to say the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth…” Well here the social contract is to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, not not the whole truth…

I just came back from my cell phone provider – which will remained unnamed (there’s only two here so its a 50/50 chance you can guess) – because my BlackBerry is acting all strange. I can receive calls, my data plan works, and have 30 credits to make calls, but I every time I make a call it says I do not have enough credit to place the call. Very frustrating! So I go and line up behind the habayas and kendoras at the store and wait for my turn since my friend that works there wasn’t around. Finally, when the guy gets my cellphone he literally held it for 2 minutes and gave it back working. I thought: cool that was fast!, and almost skipped happily away with my working phone.

To my surprise, when I get home my data plan ain’t workin’ :/ I had to go waaaay back to the mall and tell the guy what is happening, spending precious time and money on the way. I get there and see my friend so I explain to him the situation. Yeah we became sort of friends because of another problem I had like 2 months ago I was there every day for 4 days. Anyways, I tell him everything and you know what he tells me??

“Ah yes… this is a common problem with the limited data plan. The guy did not fix your BB, all he did was turn the data service off and now your phone works. So if you want to make calls all you have to do is turn data off, if you want the data plan to work, then just turn it on but then you wont be able to place calls…

Ok, so how do I get this fixed?

Oh you can’t, the only way is to cancel your limited plan and upgrade to the unlimited *wise guy smirk on face”

And pay triple what I’m paying now on the way! sneaky sneaky…

I’ve had troubles with other services when they just don’t tell me the real price at the beginning, but wait until I am done using the service and THEN tell me how much it really is. A courier service company called Aramex is one of those… grr how I hate that company… they literally played me dumb. I contracted with them to send and return some documents to my embassy, and they told me it was a certain price, I pay half first and then half when I get it back. Ok no problemo!

When I get the package back, somehow the price jumped 50% and when I asked why…

“Oh this is the EMBASSY rate, all other rates are blah blah”

aahh… no one told me about the EMBASSY rates… sneaky sneaky. After having my services marketing class with Dr. Kuntze at UT, I know how bad this is, so here I am spreading negative word of mouth on them! muahuahuaa…

sneaky, sneaky…


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