Posted by: Jean-Paul Behrens | November 27, 2009

Tampa flashback!!

Lately I’ve been getting on my artistic side a lot. I’ve been taking many photographs of buildings (bohemian!) and SAND! My friends here make fun of me because I can’t leave the camera behind and whenever I have a chance I take a pic at anything… But I like it so hmf! Maybe I can do a Dubai expo when I get back 😉

Today officially starts another holiday in Dubai! Eid Mubarak! Happy Holidays! So out of the 3 weeks left… We have 10 days of doing whatever we want to do OR do nothing……………… depends on how much I want to spend haha thats Dubai 🙂

So I decided to start it off good and go karting. That’s where I went, very nice. First time I ever go on such a pro track. I think there’s only two of them in the world or something? They supplied us with everything we need and then told us our average time, best, worst, everything! I went with a good friend of mine who is something of a pro – he had 2 laps on me. He’s been pushing me to go since day one in Dubai, but I never went because I thought he was going to tear me to pieces… guess I was right haha but still plenty of fun.

I haven’t gone out at night too much in Dubai, dont know really why, but tonight I went to a unique place. Its a club where you can see all the Dubai icons from: Burj Dubai, Jumeriah Beach Residence, Burj al Arab, Atlantis, everything! If you ever come to Dubai you have to come to this place, 360! But enough of promotional talking.

This Sunday I’m going to Oman, and enjoy the beautifully acclaimed beaches 🙂 Maybe even cliff jump!

But of course, after being all lazy and enjoying paradise, we come back to instantaneous presentations/finals/projects. So I cannot just spend it leisure time. In fact, I’m applying for the Harvard National MUN through the UT Honors program and I just realized that I had to write TWO one page essays for tomorrow. Don’t let the length fool you though… these have to be well-researched position papers on our country and etc etc etc! Kind of explains why I’m posting this at 8:00am here… and no I do not get up this early ever! haha

To explain the title of my post, yesterday I had the biggest UT flashback ever. I was walking around AUD campus and I actually had to dodge stepping on a lizard haha! So many of them in UT, I got used to be careful where I step. So I guess yesterday’s little lizard owes his life to Tampa lizards.


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