Posted by: Jean-Paul Behrens | November 18, 2009

One Month in Paradise

Those are the words of one of my fellow study abroad friends, Christine, as the end of our trip creeps around the corner. Only one month and still so much to do! But I have to say, after reflecting on my experiences, I am very happy. I have learned a lot in terms of diversity, professionalism, and especially entrepreneurship. Dubai has a thing to attract talent, and the people I’ve met here are amazing individuals. So after weeks of pondering, I hope some of their spirit has rubbed off on me. 😉 But I won’t make this post about my thoughts, so I will talk about our last desert trip instead.

Last weekend we went to the desert again, however! I couldn’t take the cool pictures I promised… I had brought my tripod and everything this time but my camera got spoiled. I left it on the tripod next to one of the cars and I think either the wind or someone tipped the tripod over, and when I came back for the camera, I found it buried under the sand! A very sad/frustrating moment.

But this time wasn’t as fun as the first. Four of our group got lost during the ENTIRE night. They went dune bashing at 10pm on the quads, and never came back! At least not until 7 am. So you can guess the despair we were feeling at around 3 am trying to look for our buddies in the middle of the desert. Haha, now it all seems fun and adventurous, but it wasn’t while it was happening. Thankfully, or as they would say here, Alhamdulillah, nothing happened and I am able to tell this story with glee!

A cool thing happening this week in AUD is the Week of Compassion. An entire week dedicated to the Charter of Compassion, which you can read about here: This is an event being pushed by, again, AUDMUN and AIA.

Yesterday was the main event of it, a panel of discussion with important community leaders talking about how to apply the Golden Rule to everything in today’s world. I couldn’t attend though, because I wasn’t feeling well, in fact still aren’t! Don’t know why… maybe its part of my Dubai withdrawal side-effects haha. :s

Oh well, that’s pretty much it for the week. Until next time.


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