Posted by: Jean-Paul Behrens | November 11, 2009

Here they go!

Yesterday, the group of students I’ve been helping train for the University of Pennsylvania Model of UN Conference left to the US! I’m very happy I had the chance to teach them what I know about MUNs and, although we had only one month to cram up information that is usually given in 3 – 4 months, I think the group will do very well. It is their desire to learn and willingness to challenge that I liked the most. They were so nervous, it reminds me of my first time to the Harvard National MUN. *sigh* Good luck guys! 😉

Here is a picture I snapped with my cellphone the day before they left;

I’m excited to hear their stories when they come back. I applied to the Harvard National MUN program at UT and want to get their feedback on how I trained them so I can help train others better. Its funny, I remember how I used to hate all of this back in Venezuela, and look at me now. Training people oooh haha.

On other cool stuff you only do in the Middle East, this weekend is desert camping part II! I was talking to a friend how I was disappointed in having taken only 10 photos I like in three months of being in the Middle East. So this time I’m bringing my tripod to take better ones! I need a pro camera though… there is only so much a person can accomplish with a point and shooter. I walked around Dubai Marina today and snapped at some of the buildings – promised my aunt I would haha – but ended up frustrated for the lack of control. Here’s my fav of the day;

See what I mean with the lack of control? Still looks good if you keep it small though =) One more pic before I go back to my projects;

This is the street that is in front of my building, Sheikh Zayed Road. It goes from one end of Dubai to the other. Think of it as the Dale Mabry Hwy from Tampa.

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