Posted by: Jean-Paul Behrens | November 3, 2009

Desert Experience: A Photo Journal

Going to the desert is an experience of a lifetime. I didn’t go on the desert safari though, which is a tourist attraction you hire for the day for around 150 bucks and they take you around in a 4×4 and you do a little of dune bashing. Instead we got a nice group of friends together (which took around 2 weeks to organize everyone!) and went on to adventure with four cars. What was cool is that we actually camped in the desert overnight! Here’s a pic of how our camp looked;

There was this one experience that I will never forget. At around 12am a small group of us decided to go dune bashing with a jeep. So we grabbed a car and just went around the desert looking for tall dunes to drive over. After an hour or so we decided to go back so we turned around and head towards camp. Of course the desert is a treacherous place… We ended up next to a fence we never saw on our way out, so pretty much on the edge of the desert I guess.

We had no signal, not flares, no nothing… At 1 am we were LOST in the desert! I snapped a pic of the moment so you can get an idea of the situation we were in exactly.

That is all we could see without our headlights on. Funny because next time we turned them on, this little creature appeared in front of us.

So anyways, after a long wait, we finally found a place with signal and called them up. Asked them to send a beam of light to the sky from the camp so we could follow back and join our lads.
Next morning offered an even better experience. I wake up, walk up a dune, and suddenly this;

Yes! A group of camels just walking next to our camp! How unbelievable is that??? To have this occur next to you in the middle of the desert and at the precise time you wake up… Too much. I got the chance to take my favorite pic of the trip,

To tell you the truth… I wasn’t even planning on it. I just wanted to get closer and capture the moment. I guess that when you really focus on catching what is going on its as if you are guided by something to put you in the right time and place. But enough of my nonsense haha.

After this there is really nothing that can top my desert experience. I just want to share one more picture I took when I went for a desert trek while my friends were changing a flat tire.

I was covering myself from the sun because we were stranded there for almost 2 hours. Changing a tire of a Hummer on sand is not an easy task I guess haha.

I think we will go again soon… Hopefully! So be on the lookout for more pics 😉

And this is one of the most important aspects of studying abroad, which is to take as many pictures as you can. You are in a place that you would have never been if it weren’t for the UT study abroad program. Its a great way to tell your stories and to immortalize the memories. This is a lifetime experience that you can get through the International Programs Office at UT, so if you ask me… I say everyone should do a study abroad semester.


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