Posted by: Jean-Paul Behrens | October 20, 2009

Typical college day

This semester I have one of my favorite schedules ever. I only have 3 class days: Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. This gives me Mondays and Wednesdays to do whatever I want, which is usually not studying! not because I’m a loafer, but because I do all my studying between classes. I had the wonderful idea of purposely leaving gaps between classes. I always avoid this at all costs at UT, but here its different. Since I only come to campus 3 days a week, I thought I might as well make the best out of my trip here. Ok, I have to admit at first I wasn’t sure about how it would work out, but its been going perfect! So here is a typical AUD College day for me.

For example, right now I just got out of my 9am class and have a 1 hour gap before my Arabic class at 11am. So I usually come here to the library from 10 to 11, do my Arabic homework and then go to class. Today I don’t have homework so I’m writing this entry, while a friend is drawing his dream guitar on a piece of paper. So basically, just hanging out at the library… hahah living the geek life!

After my 11am Arabic, I have the 12pm History of Middle East class. So when I get out at 1pm, I usually grab a bite to eat at the caf. or Starbucks (yeah they have one on campus) and hang out with some locals. After this I then go ahead and practically intern myself at the library until my 5pm International Finance class to read and get all my homework out of the way. I say intern myself because the library has a cell phone signal blocker installed. How bizarre is that? So no connection with the outside world while in there haha.

This gives me plenty of extra time to dedicate to the student groups I’m a part of.

International Aid group is one, which I spoke about in the last post. The other group I’m part of is the AUDMUN, or AUD Model of United Nations. I won’t be going to a conference, but I am the Head Trainer for the new delegates going to the University of Pennsylvania Model of United Nations Conference (UPMUNC). It’s the first time a group from the Middle East goes to that conference, which makes this whole thing a big deal. Me and Phil, the guy responsible for creating all of this, are very excited to see what results we can get. We are hoping that my training will result in some awards haha. I’m also proud to say that I’m helping to establish a Capoeira Club here at AUD!! Since I founded the one in UT with Tyronne, I though I might as well do so here =). Tomorrow is our first demonstration.

Well enough for now. Gotta go!

This is how the dream guitar turned out. I think it looks like a missile haha.


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