Posted by: Jean-Paul Behrens | October 6, 2009

Results are back!

Success!! I got three of my exams back and am happy with the results. Won’t brag too much about it but, since I’m not the top of the class (patience young padawan), but I’m pretty up there. Exams at AUD are so different than at UT though. I can say a few pros and cons about them, but I think I prefer UT exams. The thing is that AUD classes are only 50 minutes long, so an exam has to be really short. This makes makes them easier than your normal UT exam but you’re also pressured with time. You have to be quick in answering everything correctly which is where those little but important details can be missed. Its like everything else here in Dubai.

Everything is last minute, last second, high time pressure. In the US its also like that but planning takes place before, in Dubai there is not plan. Ever. Its always something like hey, whats up! huh? bum, bam, now, lets go! If that makes sense… For example, last week I went to the Atlantis Dubai hotel. They have a water park there called Aquaventure. We decided to go there last Wednesday at noon, out of nowhere. We were there by 1 and left a 7. Same thing happened with the trip to Lebanon, one day we talked about it, next day we bought the tickets. So fast. I mean, its good! Things actually take place and are not just said and left. Yesterday someone mentioned going to Jordan, today we quickly chatted about it… Tomorrow? Don’t be surprised if I’m writing from the Dead Sea haha.

Anyways here are some cool pictures of Aquaventure Atlantis Dubai =)

This is arriving to Atlantis! Massive entrance.

In the park!

You see that tube in the middle of the picture? You actually go through this shark tank in a slide and just chill there while the rays, fish, and sharks swim around.

That’s the Leap of Faith. Funnest slide in the park its like a 90 degree fall slide. Yes, you also go through the shark tank.

Relaxing at the beach in the Palm with the Burj al Arab in front of us.

It was a really cool park. Especially having the Burj al Arab right next to us. We could also see the Burj Dubai but barely because of all the sand in the atmosphere.

The most surprising thing to see there was a woman with a burka on a slide. You could only see her feet. Amazing.


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