Posted by: Jean-Paul Behrens | October 2, 2009

Mid terms week!

This week and the next are both mid term weeks!! I’m a little worried about how I will do because of several reasons. 1) I don’t know how any of the professors grading way is and unfortunately doesn’t include AUD professors. 2) completely different culture here, so they may focus on different matters than what I’m used to. 3) I’ve been going all around Dubai!! meaning, little time for studies =P

All in all, I’m not sure how I’ve been doing. I’ve taken 2 exams already, and have 2 to go. I think I did pretty well actually, they seemed awfully easy, but then again… that could mean I had no idea of anything haha. I still need to do an international finance exam, which is the one I’m most worried about. International parity relations, and purchasing power parity, arbitration, international Fischer, etc! crazy terms I have to get used to by after tomorrow haha. The second exam is on Arabic. I think I’ll do very well in that one  =).

On a more cheerful note, I moved to a new place! Hopefully this one will end my nomadic behavior of moving around every month… Even though some people say I’m not a nomad, and I should stop trying to say I have Arabic in me… ~_~

I also wanted to say the American University in Dubai has been growing on me! I can appreciate its efforts now a lot more. I feel that student groups are more meaningful here. For example, there is the International Aid Group (AIA – not sure about how the acronym goes…). I attended a meeting and was just vexed at the energy everyone has. Everyone was throwing fund raising ideas all around the room, talking about how best to help the Philippines with its recent disaster, about how they helped out a community in Cameroon last summer, and how they want to help a small Indian village next time around. I’m excited about this group and joined it to see how I can give back!

I think I will dedicate a separate post just on AUD student groups and tell you how I’ve been involving myself on campus life. For now this will be all!

Oh! also check here for a video I made on my Lebanon trip:


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