Posted by: Jean-Paul Behrens | September 28, 2009

Stories of Lebanon part I


After being back in Dubai for a week, I can say that I miss Beirut. That city is full with history and amazing places to eat, visit, see, go out, etc… To sum up Beirut I will use the words of one of my companions, John: “This is a city with character.” Those words can truly sink in when you see actual tanks deployed in the middle of the city and old war-scarred buildings mixed with modern edifices and European-like cafes. But we chose to go beyond. We went to other cities which showcase amazing Roman ruins, possible new wonders of the world, breathtaking scenery, and unique experiences.

Lebanon is a country split with religion; Christian part or Muslim part. We stayed in a hotel in a Muslim area on Hamra Street, although no religious affair impacted out visit. The hotel we chose was just too good to be true, which turned out to be exactly that. We had a family suite with two bedrooms, kitchen, two bathrooms, living room, and an amazing 10th floor view to the Mediterranean. Catch was everytime someone took a shower the entire apartment would flood! haha. Why I didn’t take a picture of that… I donno!

We stayed right next to the amazing American University of Beirut which, after touring, made us wonder why we didn’t transfer to that place instead.  Beautiful campus right on the mountain with a sea view and its own private beach! Just to top it, they have an indoor pool and top notch soccer field with racing track! haha Here are a few pics of the place. The first one reminds me of our Plant Hall! =)

Just to talk about blending different cultures, in downtown there is a massive mosque right next to an amazing church. We went into the mosque and were just baffled at the beauty. I guess its because we are not used to seeing architecture like this but we just laid down there in awe, admiring a 20 foot chandelier-like ummm… chandelier if you will, and the ceiling. Here are pics!! The first one is where I laid down and took a nap haha

Indeed a spectacle.
I don’t want to make this post long and boring so I will cut it here. Also I have my first History of the Middle East exam tomorrow!! Proving to be quite tough since I am not used to studying this region… We go all the way back to Byzantine and Persian Empires, birth of The Prophet, Arab conquests, spread of Islam, etc!! so many difficult names to memorize I have to tell you that haha. This week is midterm week so I’ll be busy, but I still have to talk about our trips to Baalbeck, Jeita Cave, Tripoli, and Byblos!! All in time, all in time! And full with pictures!

Enjoy for now. =)



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