Posted by: Jean-Paul Behrens | September 9, 2009

Going abroad while abroad: Lebanon!

Another point for me of traveling for a semester to a far away country was the chance to go visit nearby countries that would cost way too much to go to from the US. So in this spirit, a group of us study abroads have planned a trip to Lebanon !! We are going for the holiday Eid-al Fitr which means:

Eid al-Fitr falls on the first day of Shawwal, the month which follows Ramadan in the Islamic calendar. It is a time to give in charity to those in need, and celebrate with family and friends the completion of a month of blessings and joy.

Any ideas on what to check out while over there?? So far I’ve heard about a cave called Jeita which is supposebly an amazing place. I think its a candidate to become a Wonder of the World or something like that. Also a cathedral on a mountain called Harisa.

I’m open to any suggestions!!



  1. You can write to Adham, Sissy's cousin, his father is from Lebanon and he visits frequently. Do you have his email or facebook page? Let me know

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