Posted by: Jean-Paul Behrens | September 7, 2009

Ramadan Tents

During Ramadan, it is a custom to have tents set up where people go and eat for Iftar and later smoke a shisha (hookah) over conversation. I finally went to one of these Ramadan tents with a group of people last night. Back in Tampa we have a quite a few hookah bars around the city so I’m used to smoking a shisha or two 😉 This time I tried a different flavor: mixed watermelon with mint. Very good! I recommend it to any shisha lover out there. Here’s a picture a friend took with my cellphone because I forgot to take my camera :s haha.

Of all the people there, only one was from the study abroad Dubai group as well, Jessica! She’s very cool to be with because she is like a Yes Girl from the movie Yes Man!. Every plan we come up with, she’s the first one to say YES! which I think is the mentality you should have when you are doing one semester abroad. One of the points about going to study abroad is to learn as much about the country you are in, and then bring back home what you learned.

I thought was not so cool that no one else from study abroad came, but oh well, maybe next time!

Before we went to that place we celebrated the Iftar at AUD with a Palestinian Dabkeh. I took a small video which you can watch on my other blog: Folk Dances in the Middle East

Here are a few pics



  1. Cool, cool stuff!! 🙂 It seems you are having a lot of fun! I linked your blog on my page so other students can see your experiences! :)Thanks for sharing!

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