Posted by: Jean-Paul Behrens | September 4, 2009

Full of things !!

Yesterday was an intense day, last chance to add or drop classes. It’s funny because before coming to Dubai I had registered for classes via email. Not a pleasant experience. You see, I was fixed on getting into one class which is such a good one in University of Tampa, its called Consumer Behavior (CB). But! That one was already closed at AUD. So you can imagine my reaction. “That’s impossible! now what am I going to do?! I’m a study abroad student and I can’t have the classes I want to take?! Preposterous!” My Admissions counselor was offering me a different class, Retail Management, but I was not attracted at all to that name.

After maybe 20 emails, the very nice Admissions counselor finally found a way to overload me into the class. Phew! What a relief.

My excitement oozing out of me that first day because CB was the only class I had. Well, you already know how that went. Blah… I think snored a little bit too. So I decided to go check out this “Retail Management” one yesterday at 9am. Oh boy… I think I had a small heart attack. The professor was so engaging and asking questions here and there and testing us, etc! Caught me completely off guard. After 50 minutes, I wanted that class. I knew I had to go to registrar and add it, but I still had a couple of classes I wanted to check out, so I postponed it.

Later on I got a call to go to check out an internship available. This was around 1pm. Add/Drop closes at 5pm. So I went over to check it out. After two hours I get back to AUD campus, just in time to attend a different CB class. I think: “Maybe its another professor and it might be cool…” So I go.

Cool classmates but… SAME GUY…

It’s 4pm, and after that sad realization I head over to registrar to drop CB and add my new Retail class. It was busy like an airport. AUD has this DMV-style  ticket system. You don’t have to make a line, just get a number and wait till you are called. I get mine and wait patiently. It’s around 4:30 when I get called. “Hi, I’m a study abroad student and — Study arboads are handeled in admissions not registrar.”


I go over to admissions, another huge line and the clock is ticking. Finally one office is available and guess who it was? Remember that nice admissions person who got me into CB after 20 emails… yeah… not stepping into that office =) She would probably kill me. “Hi! Remember me? I want to drop that CB class and add the one you were telling me to enroll” hahah!

So I wait longer but 5pm is already staring down at me. Just 5 minutes before the hour, bam! One office opens and I run in. The Russian counselor took a deep breath when she saw me with my big study abroad smile. =D

Needless to say now I’m really excited on AUD. Barely got the classes I want, plus now don’t have anything Mondays and Wednesdays. After that crazy day (I still had to go to my toughest class at 5)
I get back to my apt. and stare at the nice sunset from my living room and call it a day. Here’s a picture.


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