Posted by: Jean-Paul Behrens | September 2, 2009

Ramadan Iftar

Yesterday at AUD, we celebrated Iftar. This is when Muslims break fasting for the day during Ramadan. The food was amazing. Humus, babaganoush, lamb, salads, breads, everything. All our study abroad Dubai group was there and we shared the evening with our Muslim friends. I’m not sure if its cultural or not, but we even sat down on small floor sofas. It sure felt cultural to me though!

We also saw the many different student groups at AUD. I joined the Adventure group, Iraq group, and Visual Communications group. Let’s see what crazy things I can get myself into with these groups =). Here are some pics of the whole event:

Follow this link for a video of the moment: Iftar at AUD



  1. Hey! I am so glad you liked the story on my blog! And a big thank you for linking it with yours! I am definitely going to link yours to my blog too! I am majoring in International & Cultural Studies with a minor in Journalism so I am really happy to hear about your experience abroad and share with others! I am planning to do my study abroad requirement next Spring, hopefully Dubai will still be available! =) Well, take care & talk soon!

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