Posted by: Jean-Paul Behrens | August 31, 2009

Wandering in a concrete desert

Today I decided I would go explore what is known here as “The Walk.” So there are two different Walks; The Walk @ Jumeirah, and Marina Walk. I went to the one @ Jumeirah. Impressive really. Stores and restaurants all over; 50 story buildings to one side; white powder beaches to the other. It’s definitely the Dubai version of Lincoln Rd. from Miami. These pictures are from the Walk @ Jumeirah.

A great place indeed, only thing is, I haven’t told you about the nice weather we are enjoying on this side of the world. Ever since I got here I’ve been told that Dubai is not a pedestrian city, distances are too long to walk, taking a taxi is very cheap so there is no sense in walking (very true it costs me $3 to go to AUD), heat is in its highest peak this time of year… like 116 F. On top of that, during Ramadan you cannot drink water in public. Add to all of this, my capricious nature to explore and stubbornness. It’s the perfect recipe for a classic case of complete dehydration.

Twenty minutes into my walk I was already drenched. Not even when I work out, okay? haha. Ridiculous but adventurous! I was able to find a small store and purchased a lemonade, but I had to hide in the washroom to drink it in a very stealthy manner.I guess I will just have to wait until October so it cools down.

I also did this because I was looking for another apartment. Turns out that this city is a wee bit (a lot actually) more expensive than I thought. So unfortunately, accommodations in my original house had to be abandoned and now I’m living in one of those massive buildings. My recommendation for you is to stick to the dorms if you don’t mind the headache of searching for an off-campus place.

On another note, today was my first day of class as an official study abroad student. Not impressed. Very normal, but I think that’s the whole idea behind AUD because they want to be as westernized as possible. Or so today’s professor said. Tomorrow is my first Arabic class! Hopefully all that time my friend Ali Yahya invested in me will finally pay off. Ali has a club at UT for teaching Arabic with another friend called Yara Abbas. If you’re interested they are the one’s to go to. Just tell them I sent you ;).



  1. Hey , I just started at UT as a freshman this year and Im really interested in studying abroad in Dubai as well! If you could maybe share with me how you went about getting there and all the details I would greatly appreciate it! – Nora

  2. Hi Nora!That's great that you want to come over here. To start the process you first have to go to the International Programs Office on the third floor of Plant Hall and talk to Danielle Houston, I think she's in PH 306. She'll be able to tell you about requirements and what you have to do first. After that, if she doesn't have the contact info of AUD contact me and I will forward you everything alright? Let me know =)

  3. Thanks so much ! Ill go over there tomorrow and let you know if I need that info! Enjoy every minute of your experience!:)

  4. JP! I'm loving reading all about your trip!! I can just see you over there trying to sneak water with a big grin on your face! Can't wait to hear more!! Good luck on the apartment search!!

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