Posted by: Jean-Paul Behrens | August 30, 2009

First look at AUD campus

Yesterday I went to AUD and explored around. I had a little bit of trouble getting in though. It appears my name has to be on a list and – of course – my name wasn’t on it. Try to picture me convincing the heavily-accent-English-speaking guard that I am a new student and I am there to attend a study abroad meeting. Hahaha a tad confusing, but thanks to my COM 401 Intercultural Communications class back at UT (yeah!!) after a while we understood eachother.

Once inside I said my first Arabic word to the guard here in Dubai: Shukran [thank you]! He smiled, and now we shall be friends for ever. =) I took many picture of everywhere I could go to. What I liked the most was a trading room like the one in UT and the main hall, which was just imposing. The cafeteria reminded me of being in a summer camp back in Venezuela… you know, everything very tight and cozy. There was also a massive court where I think graduations and that sort take place. The entrance to the dorms had flags of countries where students come from and was excited to see mine up there! Even though I’m not staying in the dorms. There are like 20 – 30 different flags, very cool.

Couple of things that stood out to me were halls filled with lockers, like a high school; and a gym with special hours for girls only. So that means girls are allowed to work out when guys are working out… but guys are not allowed to work out when girls are… I bet UT girls would be thrilled with having that haha.

One other thing that stuck to me was a poster with a strict dressing code. Because we all know how girls like to seduce the professors for better grades… mm hmm! no just kidding! 😉 It’s because we are in Ramadan and we must respect! Guys also shouldn’t wear shorts or shirts with obscene logos, so its not just the gals.

As soon as I figure out how to post photo albums you’ll see the many pics. A small video is available here: AUD campus

At the meeting, I met the rest of study abroad students and three staff from AUD. They told us about a few rules here and there but mostly about how we can make the most out of our time in Dubai. We are like 25 in total, mostly American. After all, this is the AMERICAN University in Dubai is it not? haha. Others were European and Middle Eastern, which makes me the one and only Latin (phui phuiiuu).

Well that’s it for now, I’m going to go buy some curtains because the woman that lived here before me took them with her or something like that… so now anyone can see me from the street. Not that I mind, but what if someone sees me without a shirt and thinks its obscene and we are in Ramadan and — lets just go buy some curtains. =)


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