Posted by: Jean-Paul Behrens | August 28, 2009

A day with many firsts

And my top 10 “first times” of the day are:

  1. I wake up in Dubai
  2. I pay in UAE dirhams
  3. I go to the Mall of Emirates
  4. I meet one of my roommates
  5. I go to my house in Dubai
  6. I see Ski Dubai in person
  7. I use my cellphone in Dubai
  8. I use a taxi in Dubai
  9. I see the Burj Al Arab from far
  10. I buy something in Carrefour

Today was filled with new experiences. This city is wonderful, so far haha. Everything is so clean and neat. Its amazing really how all of this is built on top of a desert. I met one of my roommates today, really cool guy. The house I’m staying at is also really cool haha. I got my own room, a pool, a gym (even though there was a guy sleeping there… ???), loads of stuff!!

Tomorrow I have a study abroad activity in AUD, so hopefully I’ll meet interesting new people to share my experiences with. These are all international guys like me so I’ll be able to “relate” haha.

On another note, I got my video blog at finally working so you can watch videos and some pictures over there. I’ll be posting some here as well, but I didn’t take too many today. Guess I was too jet-lagged to remember?


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