Posted by: Jean-Paul Behrens | August 27, 2009

Dubai Arrival



I’m here…

I’m finally here! In Dubai! Like nothing I’ve seen. It’s really a unique place. The airport looked like the Tampa International Mall with a huge parking lot for airplanes. The heat is suffocating. They even have fans with water sprays (like the Disney ones during summer) outside the airport because its so hot.

My flight experience was blessed with a good companion next to me. I met a woman from Peru, Maria, and her daughter who have been living here for 6 months. She gave me a whole inside scoop of how Dubai is for a new comer like myself since she had just moved there recently. Really nice lady. She helped me with pretty much everything: exchange money, cultural advice, stories… She and her husband even offered me a ride to my hotel. We actually fit 6 large pieces of luggage into a small Audi A4 with 4 people in it!! We got a little lost and everything since they don’t know much about this area in Dubai. So it was an adventure for all of us haha! After finding the hotel we parted ways, and hopefully we will run into each other again…who knows??

After checking in, the lobby guy gave me a piece of paper and guess what?? It’s the month of Ramadan!! I’m so lucky to be here during this cultural and religious time. The paper gives adivce on how to behave during this time. Like dress appropriately, no consuming anything in public during the day, and more. Its very important to be aware of where I am and educate myself on the culture, and this is perfect.

Tomorrow is a big day because I have to get my SIM card, check some houses, meet new people, etc!

It’s time to get this journey started.

Cheers !!


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